Useful Habits to Have: Reach Your Study Goals

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With all these tips you can successfully plan a lot of your life. These habits do not have to be applied necessarily to only studying but also your everyday life just to improve your day.

Create a Routine

You probably see it all over YouTube and you can have your own morning or night routine. Establishing of your routine allows you to fall in habit of getting everything that you want to be done. So write out your dream morning and night routine, everything that you could possibly want to do every single morning and night, and keep following it day by day. The first few days will be hard, but after a while, it will become a habit and you will wake up and just start going through your routine and feel super productive every single day.

Wake Up Earlier

And on that routine, make sure that you wake up earlier, so you can get more things done. Probably you have never thought about setting your alarm even earlier than just to go to university. Just try to set it back twenty-five or thirty minutes, turn off snooze so you are not tempted, put your phone across your bed so you have to get up. You will be so surprised by how much better you feel at the end of the day when you get up early. It may seem like you are tired when you first wake up, but what we recommend you to do as the first thing in the morning is something that you really love, for example, going on Pinterest and getting inspired. We do not recommend scrolling through social media. So do something that you love and that way you have an incentive for getting out of bed.

Make Your Bed

So when you do get out of bed, make sure to make your bed. You will feel so much better when you come back home after school and your bed is made so you will not want to climb back in it once it is made. It is a simple task, but making your bed can make a huge difference in your day.

Tidy Up

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Also, try to tidy up ten minutes out of your day – focus on one section a day, so let us say this day it can be your bedside table, the next day it may be your desk. So you spend ten minutes at a time every day cleaning up a part of the room and you will find that your room will stay cleaner for longer, and you will never have to spend a whole Sunday completely deep cleaning your room because you are doing a little bit every day.


For some reason, successful people, no matter how busy they are, always find time to take care of their body and get a good workout. So here we recommend you to grab your headphones, put on some cute workout gear and head to the gym, even it is just for some yoga or weights. Working out is going to make you feel more confident, feel like you can get more done, and it recharges you if you have been working all day and just need a nice break for your mind and your body.

Take Your Vitamins

Maybe your parents tell you to do this all the time, or maybe they do not, but either way, you should take some vitamins, find those you like, it can be pills or gummies. Take them every day in the morning or at night so you wake up feeling good.

Smoothie or Juice

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The thing that many successful women and men doing is making smoothies or juices. You can usually do them in the morning taking whatever you can find in your house. For example, it can be some frozen blueberries, some banana, some hemp seeds, chia seeds, chocolate protein powder, add some greens, top it with some milk, blend it up – and you have a great breakfast or snack.

Get Inspired

One thing you need to make sure you do for yourself every day is to get inspired. Find out what inspires you – is it making something physical like a piece of art, or inspiration board, or maybe you just like to read an inspirational book. Social media cannot be one of them, so find something non-digital that inspires you and pursue it. Having this bit of inspiration is going to recharge your soul and your mind. Now when you go to create something, it is going to be of better quality because you have a new refresh mindset.

Set Goals

The next habit to pick up is to set daily, weekly and yearly goals. There is a difference between goals and a to-do list. To-do lists are great, you should make these all the time, but goals are something that may be not tangible. It is not about just finishing a project but it is about doing this project to your best ability, or not talking about people behind their back so much today, or praying for that one person this week. Try to make your goals non-tangible things, not like a To-Do list, and you will find yourself becoming a better person by creating this habit day by day.

Simplify Your Closet

Having a minimalist mindset is very important now. Being a minimalist may seem a little intimidating, but go through your closet and get rid of all the clothes that you would not buy if you saw them in a store today. It will become so much easier to get dressed in the morning, you will be wearing what you like and it will improve your style.

Dress the Part

Now when you know the outfit you like, remember to “dress the part”. It is a quote – “do not dress for the job you have but the job you want”. So even if you are just at home studying, you can try to dress up, shoes and everything, and it helps and gives you that extra power and motivation.

Simplify Your Make Up

So we simplified your closet, now also try to simplify your make up. Just keep on the table the products that you need on a daily basis, separate them from the rest of your makeup supplies. This way you can just grab them in the morning and get through your make up routine in half the time.

Get a Work Zone

To make study sessions at home more productive, create a work zone in your room where you can completely concentrate on your homework. You should get rid of all the distractions there and create the study mood you would get just from sitting there. You can hang on your wall near the desk some stickers with motivational quotes like “dreams do not work until you do”, and turn it into cozy and pleasant place.

Use “Do Not Disturb”

Another habit that can help you get through your homework so much quicker is to use the “Do Not Disturb” setting on your phone. You definitely get sidetracked when you see a snapchat notification or a text message. Probably you feel like you have to respond right then when you really do not. So by putting on “Do Not Disturb” you get to the tasks you need to do. We recommend you to have a separate time for responding and searching on social media.

Organize Your Inbox

Organize your inbox by color coding it. So all you do is go down to the “create a label” in Gmail, create your label, your title, and then you can color-code all of your labels. So now you have all of my tabs color-coded, and when you get a new e-mail that needs to go there, you just drag it over. It helps organize your life so much more and you feel like a boss.

Always Carry a Water Bottle with You

Girl Drinking Water

Another healthy habit is to always carry a water bottle with you when you can. That way whenever you even think you are going to get thirsty, you will mindlessly drink and get in that extra h2o that you need every day. This way you can even eat less because people often confuse the feeling when they are hungry or thirsty.

Give Plants Some Love Too

Another thing that can make you happier and more successful is to have some plants around your workspace. So bring in some plants, whether that be bamboo or fresh flowers, and get those happy plant vibes that only some pretty fresh flowers can bring.

Plan and Pack

Packing up all of your stuff and getting piles ready for you to take the night before really helps. Whether that will be packing up your backpack, your gym bag or your school bag – whatever you need the next day. Get it all laid out and set it by the door, so the next morning you do not have to worry about forgetting anything because you already have the whole night to remember stuff that you forgot.

Learn to Learn

This means that whether you are in school or trying to learn something for your career, do not think of it as a work or homework or a burden, think of it as that you are just expanding your knowledge and that it is really benefiting you. So even if the subject is super boring, that mindset allows you to fully grasp ideas, have a better attitude about learning things that you may not necessarily always want to learn about.

Have Some “Me” Time

Everyone needs that time to themselves. So whether you meditate or read your favorite book, try to have at least five to ten minutes a day of where you are just relaxing, maybe listening to some soft music, writing in your journal or doing anything else.

Pamper Yourself

Successful people always make time for themselves, so also pamper yourself – have a bath, do a face mask or the hair mask, go out to eat with your friends, try some new delicious coffee or cake, buy a new T-Shirt, go to the movies or whatever you want to do but have that “me” time. You need a break that will help you recharge and be able to work better.



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