A Long Search for This Essential «Way»

For example, a good friend of mine once told me that he had studied the subjects of history and English for five years, but when he looked for a job, he wondered what he wanted to do. Was it not strange? That was my first thought, too. But then, I asked myself if I know what I personally want to do after graduating from university. And the answer was no, I do not.

It is a common problem because people have a lot of desires but do not know which to prioritize over the others or what they want to do at all. So, how can you find this famous path that allows advancing with the sufficient motivation and success? Here are some tips for you.


See the Future

This is the first rule to follow. One would often like to know overnight what he or she should do and so a person just waits lazily till the last possible minute (the bachelor’s degree, the time of enrollment, the search for employment) to make a choice. Do not get me wrong – it does take some time to discover the different paths that are available to us and especially to discover ourselves! When an important choice is on the horizon, try to prepare for it in advance by thinking it over for several months or even years. This gives you time to meet, train, consider multiple routes and even change your mind in time! Thus, you gradually specify your objectives which supports your motivation for your studies and which also allows obtaining better results. This way, you increase your chances of personal success in all possible ways.

Get to Know Yourself

Who Am I?

Ask yourself what are your strengths in life, your qualities, your deep motivations, your forms of intelligence. Do you like to focus on a problem or do you prefer to be in motion? Are you relational? Curious? A good organizer? Of artistic sensitivity? Do you have any passions? This assessment does not only concern your academic results, but also all your personality. Specialists (psychologists, directors) can, of course, offer you useful help to identify your strengths. But you can get to know yourself just by examining your behaviors, relationships with friends, family, how you work, manage your time, distract yourself, etc. To begin doing that, read «How to get to know each other».

30 Days to Find My Way and Live My Dreams

In addition to that, here is an attractive book that presents itself as an orientation book in 30 days. Every day, you take a step into expanding the knowledge of yourself through a number of small and playful exercises. For example, Day 1 which is called «You are unique!», invites you to reflect on your uniqueness by looking at your talents, dreams, passions, history and friends. You are asked to choose a quest name, currency (in a list) and a symbol to draw. On day 2, we must let go of all those negative thoughts that limit us in our actions: «I am too…», «I am not enough…». Thus, there are five major stages in finding your place, rediscovering one’s assets, setting some goals and dreams for the entire life, knowing how to take action. Note that the questions of choice of the trades and sectors arrive only at the end, after a beautiful journey of self-discovery is concluded. The texts are short, clear, fair and the whole book is illustrated with humorous drawings.


To know what type of trade or life you are made for, be curious and open to others, try to inquire about more. There are, of course, many fairs dedicated to studying and employment, but you can start by noticing the active people around you and questioning them about their profession, their company, their career path. Naturally, you should not forget to ask them what they enjoy in their activities. Ask yourself: «Would I like to do that?» Also, open your eyes and ears by reading, listening; go out, watch and ask yourself from time to time: «Would I like to do that?» Only after doing that, you will be able to ask yourself what kind of school or diploma you should be looking for. Too often, one chooses some specific area of studies (an engineering school, the faculty of history) without having any idea of ​​the kind of trade that one would like to do next. This is the main reason why we lose our motivation along the way. On the contrary, give yourself the means to discover the real professional life with its true trades – and you will succeed!

Take Part in Some Internships

The internships give you some irreplaceable experience as you dive into the life of a company, discover the rhythms of their activities, get an idea of the ambiance of an area and meet some professionals. As a rule, the more you advance in age, the more precise the objective of an internship must be. Nobody will expect much from you at the age of 15 or 16. Over the course of the studying, we make contact with the professional sector to which we are heading. At the end of your course, you begin to practice a profession. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, internships should be your first professional experience. Moreover, some well-chosen internships that are indicated in your resume can open doors for a first job. For example, my friend Sophie, 22, has graduated from a business school. She found a job as a product manager in a painting company simply because she had already trained as a product manager at a competing company while studying.


Do Not Lose Your Faith

Have you failed along the way, or did not get what you expected? Do not lose your courage. A professional project is built in stages and not always in a straight line. It is therefore not the time to give up and, for instance, to engage in some sectors that you do not like at all, or to present yourself in the labor market without any objective or training, ready to take on any job that will be thrown your way. From your acquired skills, you can access other opportunities that will be equally adapted to your personality. The footbridges are multiplying as well as the alternating formations that allow forming your personality while discovering the foundation. As such, another friend of mine has already found his place in the trade and will not give up his place of a commercial engineer to anybody else after two years of failure in the field of organic trade. This is surely the time to seek advice, to be helped to rebuild a new professional project. One door may close, but several others are still open! And one often finds his or her true path after several failures, unsuccessful attempts or trials and errors.

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