Job Specification

Is it really worth taking these risks? I am sure that everyone asks this question at least once every day. Is it better to make sure that we are going to get a job and take full control of our lives while saving money and trying to survive? Or should we take the advantage of all the pleasures that are offered to us on this planet? Which of the two possibilities allow us to fulfill the job of being Homo sapiens? Seen from this angle, the choice is rather difficult. The majority of the students, I believe, are choosing a hybrid solution between the two. They are trying to combine both options to make something whole. As such, we are told to learn, to be an adult, to pay attention to the material things (like choosing the university, study properly, write your essays on all-too-familiar topics, then finding a job with the high salary and so on and so forth) throughout all of our lives. And yet I still say it is all a big mistake. Do you want me to convince you?

Skills Assessment

I Have Skills

So, in your job or while you are studying, there are surely some things you hate and some things you dream of. What is preventing you from leaving the first category to go to the second one? Absolutely nothing, because there is no physical slavery in our industrial societies. Of course, you are not tied to a stake. So, why do you prefer to stay the same? Because there is another type of slavery which is much stronger than a simple chain attached to an ankle. This is what I call the moral slavery. Basically, it is a collection of all the data that we have been stuffed with since our childhood and which makes us believe in the certain ideas. They are established in us so well that it does not occur to us to re-evaluate them at any point in our life. For example, ask yourself now: what are you capable of? First of all, you are going to dream a little bit about some crazy projects that are in your head which are well hidden deep within your imagination, your secret garden. Then, slowly, you will narrow your capacity until it exceeds reality for just a tiny bit. That is the manifestation of the moral slavery. It means to be formed by a society in a way that dreams remain something that we think we can never achieve. However, everything is possible.

Your Existence: How to Use It

Why is it possible? Simply because if we choose a path that fascinates us, we automatically fulfill the conditions demanded by the job. We have the qualifications even if they are not yet acquired. As such, a few real-life situations will teach us everything we need to know for writing an essay for the philosophy class. Now, I did not say that it was easy and that it would be done within a month. On the contrary – this process is as long as your life. And now I hear some of you sighing. If this is your case, you have been formed by the post-industrial world in a way that makes you want everything right away. In the real world, your dream job cannot be achieved by simply snapping your fingers. Of course, we are always lulled by the illusion (which we create before our own eyes) of the lotto or the jackpot – we tell ourselves that success will come to us out of nowhere and that will be the point when everything will change on its own. When in reality, this happens incredibly rarely and only to a few people who were lucky enough. To bet on this is, in my opinion, means to take a big risk and gamble against your advancement and self-development.

The Divine Pressure

Can I convince you? This is normal so you do not worry about it – the system has been thought through very well. Personally, it took me a long time to break out. So I will give you an example – the story of my mom’s friend from the university.  He was a boy who was successful in all of his studies and whose essays were fantastic enough for my mom to think that he will be a writer. He has realized all the molds proposed by our society. Over the years, he earned more and more money while getting more and more responsibilities and work. However, he never pursued what was important to him. He decided to put aside his true passions to dedicate himself to them later. Years have passed, his children grew up. Can you imagine what happened next? A few weeks ago, he suffered a heart attack and found himself in intensive care after going through a surgery for two weeks. When you read these lines, you tell yourself that if he had followed his passions, he would not have had this problem. It is not fair because the stress generated by an activity, whatever it may be, always exists. But, in my opinion, it is better to die for something we love than because a society has asked for it.

The Dictatorship of the «But»

«I Have No Limits!»

Well, the rest of the story is not as interesting and cautionary, so I am not going to waste your time any longer. But what is important is that once my mom finished his story, I thought, «All of that for nothing! He could have had an excellent life! He could have written a bunch of essays and novels». Still, it is always easy to judge someone, to give advice and even to blame other people. On the other hand, when it comes to your own self, you suddenly become much more forgiving, do you not? And then the dictatorship of the «But» appears. «But I have two bank loans and three children!», «But I have to finish this year and then I will be done», «But my case is special …» So yes, in this case, give up the most beautiful job in the world. Let yourself be carried away by the dictatorship of «But» and a society that does not want to see you progress or do anything with your life. Accept your fate and do not complain on Monday mornings.

Case Studies

The other possibility is to accept the job, but instead of complaining, you can try harder. Dare to do more. I am not saying that we must turn everything upside down and leave everything at once! It is stupid and it will certainly lead you to an incredible amount of failure. Nevertheless, a grain of madness is important in any type of work (in an essay for a student as well as in a project of an entrepreneur). You have to know where you are going and in which direction you want to proceed. Then, take a step forward, and then another one. You can be wrong and make mistakes, but it does not matter – you are learning the trade, you have enough time and you try differently. You ask for advice, you improve, progress and, without realizing it, you are blossoming and doing your best. You fulfill your true «job». From here on out, everything is possible. Or better yet, all your possibilities are open to you. Does that not sound like a dream come true? Remember that it all starts with a small step. Nothing more, nothing less. We are not Supermen or Superwomen. And for those who are already living their dream, do not forget that you can get crushed very quickly. From time to time, it is necessary to give yourself a small challenge to keep the flame of the most beautiful job in the world alive.

Fulfill Your Life

Did these small examples convince you that it is time to get out of the straitjacket? What are you waiting for? Once you die, all of this will be over for you. At that moment, all your savings and your prestigious job will serve you strictly for nothing. If it was up to me, I would sign your employment contract immediately. Nonetheless, I can do nothing but share these few words to try to make you aware of your situation. I would like to make you understand that you are living a beautiful illusion, no matter how real it may seem to you right now. You create yourself with every breath you take. So, for once, let your heart do all the talking.

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