Important Habits for the Successful Teenager

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It is a common idea that people become successful once they have a career, the family that loves them, the financial stability or their dreams come true. Actually, success is what you define it is, so everyone’s idea of success is different. This is not how to make money, get into your dream school or have a nice helping family, this is just a general notion. So, a lot of these habits are small things to help you personally, and we are going to give some comments on why should you have all these habits like drinking water, getting asleep early, setting aside the specific time of the day to get inspired. Why should you do that when you have just to work according to your plan to achieve your dreams? We want to give you the analogy of a road trip. Let us say that your path to your success is a ten-hour car trip (obviously, it is a lot more than ten hours). So, the easiest way to get that destination in your mind would be to drive straight there, no stopping. However, we all know that with a car, you have to refuel, to take a rest, get food, or go to the bathroom. You simply have to make stops along your long car trips. We recommend you to imagine those refueling stops you do to set aside time for yourself and your business.

Leave Time for Yourself

That is the time to set your goals for the day and the month, to organize your planner or your desk. All these habits that we are sharing with you are minor, but they are those refueling times of a long car trip. If you try to work constantly every day without the time for yourself to get inspired, you are going to get burnt out. Just like a car without its fuel, you will never get to your destination. So, all of these little things that we share with you are your refueling times, your rest stops, and that is why they are essential for getting to your end destination of success.

Reduce Consuming Caffeine

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So, the first useful habit to acquire is to cut back on caffeine in the morning and throughout your day. Many people like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, but, when you do this regularly, you are setting up a really bad habit to go into adulthood. There are a lot of other alternatives like essential oils, apple cider vinegar, a light workout in the morning or turning on a cold water once you are done. This will really wake you up. We know, it is not as yummy, but too much caffeine can really do harm to your body.

Note-taking Routine

All the successful people like writing goals and taking notes. We propose you a method that works great with students, and you can adapt it to whatever situation. Basically, you should make a table, and one side should have the list of limiting beliefs you have of yourself or others have of you, and, on the other side, limitless beliefs. For example, you can write “I am too busy” as your limiting belief, but then your limitless belief is that you are in charge of your own time. You can delete some things from your planner and make the time for what is really important. We recommend doing this with any beliefs or negativities that you have for yourself or others have for you, and then instead of just focusing on those negative limiting beliefs, find a way to change it around for the positive, limitless ones.

Set Resolutions

You can write down your resolutions at the beginning of a new year, and do the same at the beginning of the school year. If you do not want to write out a whole new list of resolutions just for the school year, pick at least two words that are going to be your focus for your semester. We can propose you two words that are “limitless” to do everything that you put in your mind, not to have anything holding you back, and then “balance” to learn to balance everything in your life. So, choose a word or two to focus, and, whenever you need some motivation, look back to those two words and see how you can exercise them in your day.

Fight with Procrastination

The next time you want to lay in bed and do nothing, instead get out a notebook and a pen to write down why you are not willing to do your work. Is it because it is hard? Is it because you love this new TV-show and you just want to watch the next episode? Or is it because of procrastination? When you finally write down the reasons why you are procrastinating, it will make it much easier for you to see what you need to fix so that to make out the most of your time.

Use Color-Codes

Now, it is time for some habits to become a better student. It is great to write notes with pen or pencil. But, sometimes, you may find it best to use a highlighter, because, sometimes, a teacher asks about specific trends, like a certain section of the book. And you will be able to quickly flip through your book and get to those pages. So, we recommend you color coding of your annotations by vocabulary or whatever else your teachers usually ask.

Try Using Tabs

You may find tabs the biggest lifesaver, especially when it comes to math because there are so many chapters, different sections that you have to differentiate and memorize. So, whenever the teacher tells you a new subject for the day, you can make a tab and put it on that day’s notes. This way, when you go back to study for an exam or to review, you can just flip to that subject. You can also do this in your book if you find it very hard to navigate and it takes a lot of time. Add taps for each subject in your textbook, and you will be able to find the right problems and get the right page much quicker.

Buy Cute Stationery

Your next habit is to invest in supplies that are actually going to be beneficial to you, make you want to study more. School supplies can make you more engaged in your work. So, buy more expensive pens that you enjoy or the matching notebook set. It is just a few extra dollars, but that pen motivates you to take more notes. Then, go ahead and buy it because it is an investment in your education.

Feeling Good

You want to work with your energy. So, if you are feeling great, you wake up, get your shower, get your coffee, and you are ready to go. Take advantage of the motivation you have and work on the harder tasks you have assigned for that week. And then, there are the days when you wake up, and you just want to lay in bed all day. On that days, do more chill tasks like cleaning out your computer, organizing your e-mails, planning your meals weekly. Just do some low-energy task, and you will be taking advantage of your body’s natural motivation.

Accomplish Many Tasks When You Are Productive

To-Do List

Our next tip is to go along with that. On the days when you have a high energy level, you should try to get a lot done at the same time. For example, when you are sitting down doing math problems, and you enjoy that, maybe, you can go ahead and do tomorrow’s math problems too since you are ready. So, whenever you do some work with the high energy level, try to double it and see what happens.

Work on Your Communicative and Speech Skills

In many schools, students do public speaking all the time whether it is a part of the class or extra class. It is better to become comfortable with that. Although, if you are not doing that all the time, and speaking publicly makes you anxious, we have some tips for you. Firstly, you should know exactly what you are talking about forwards and backwards. If you are saying a script, read it forwards and backwards multiple times to really know how to pronounce every word in it, get comfortable with it as if to learn it by heart. If you are speaking publicly and you just have to talk about a topic, make sure you know everything about the subject.

Be Self-Confident

The next thing is to get some confidence by doing power poses. It is scientifically proven that if you stand in a power pose, a superhero, you can just recite quotes to yourself like “I can do that,” “I am strong and powerful,” and “I am great at public speaking and I am not going to get nervous.” If you just keep repeating these manifests to yourself, you will certainly start to believe them. A week before your public speaking, start doing that every day, especially the day of the event, and you will begin to feel more confident. You just have to believe in yourself.

Take Full Responsibility for Yourself and Your Actions

People that are not successful in life are the ones that blame things or other people. So, if a group project isn’t done, it is everyone’s fault. But take responsibility for your part of the project. Maybe, your private one could be done better and you could have done something differently. You have to take responsibility and not just to be like “Well, Susan did not get her part done, so I did not get my part.” That is a high school project example, but this can be applied anywhere in life. Just take responsibility for your actions and failures, and then you can also take responsibility in the end for your accomplishments.

Learn to Deal with People

Studying in Group

This example also involves working well with others. You will go so far in college and in your career if you can work well with others, that is one of the main skills businesses look for when they are hiring employees.

Learn How to Talk on the Phone Properly

Nowadays, teenagers or young adults are texting, snap-chatting, sending emails, and they talk on the phone so little. So, there are a few things that you can do when you are going to talk on the phone. Firstly – start with a polite opener, for example, ask the person how is he/she doing. Only after that, move on to the bullet point you want to say. Another trick – smile while you are talking to look happier. In conclusion, have a polite goodbye.

Surround Yourself with Great People

Even if you do not have any friends or people in your school that really inspire you, do not forget about the online world. You can have so many online friends that inspire you every single day with their posts and videos. You can also meet them on different cultural events. So, we definitely recommend you to surround yourself with people that motivate you, either in person or online. They can be even more successful than you are because then you will want to be like them.

Realize Your Worth

The next habit is to start acknowledging and recognizing your worth. Some little ways for not to underestimate yourself is writing down your list of qualities, achievements etc. One day, when you are trying to sell yourself to someone like a college or a job, you know exactly what your worth is, and in such a way you will not undersell yourself. Along with knowing your worth and achievements ready to include to your résumé, you also need to know your worth personally. Do not get distracted by the success or growth of others, because everyone’s journey is different. Sometimes, you just get discouraged with yourself because you see some Instagram profiles of successful people. Just focus on your own path and success, this path is going to be so much brighter and so much straighter. And this will not discourage you.

Understand Who You Are

The next habit is to start finding who you truly are and being confident in that person. This is what makes you unique, what you like, and what you feel comfortable with. You should not try to be like someone else. Start pursuing and finding that person that you want to be, whether that is in the way you dress, you act, you speak. Pursue trying to find your true self and be confident with that.

We hope, you can take some of these tips and apply them into your own life or during your study sessions. Be successful to develop your personal skills and achieve all the goals you set.

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