Creating Study Routine: Get Satisfaction from Learning

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All the students are wondering how to spend every minute of their study sessions effectively, so we have some recommendations to be the most productive. There are also some helpful things that can set you for a productive study session, and it is better to turn them into habits. So we will start from finding a special study mood.

Desk Essentials

The first thing you should probably think of when you are going to start your study session is your desk essential. So there are the things you should always have on your desk when you work. The first thing is water – make sure you have a bottle of water on your desk at all times to encourage you to stay hydrated. Now to help make your study space a nice and calm environment, we recommend you to choose a calming scent – lavender oil or lemongrass oil, or even choose a set of candles to burn. You can put natural essential oil in the small oil burner. You can also have something fresh on your desk, for example, some fresh flowers or a little plant like a succulent. It just brings some life into your study space as well, and also it produce oxygen to help keep you focused.

Organize Your Study Space

We recommend to keep a tidy and organized workspace, so now we will move on to some organizational tips. Make sure you do not have everything on your desk, just the essentials – so it is a pen, highlighters and any textbooks you need for a particular task that you are working on. In this instance, less is more because the less you have in your desk the less likely you are going to be distracted from other things, so it is not going to pull your focus from the task at hand.

Pre-Study Tips

First of all, we recommend you get really comfy. It does not matter what you look like when you are studying – all that matters is how you feel. So it is better to wear a really comfy hoodie or sweater, anything that is not going to feel restricting to you. And then there is something that can make you feel even more comfortable – make a cup of tea, herbal tea is the best for that, for example, chamomile tea. This relaxing tea will get you into the mood to get working. Talking about your optimal pre-study routine, it is really important that you check your diary or school planner first thing, so you know exactly what you have to work on and accomplish that afternoon. The next thing we recommend you to do is actually make some little study appointments and schedule them either into your diary, so you know how you plan on spending all of your time that evening or use a homework plan out.

Have a Plan

Writing in a Planner

You write down all of the homework tasks and then the time that you are giving yourself to complete each one. For example, you want to complete one task from 5 till 6 pm, and then another one from 6:00 till 6:30. This way when you write down these little study appointments, you are much more likely to actually commit to them and stay on track. Now because it is important to get into the right mindset before you start studying, you can fill out the section “the things that made me smile”. One more thing you really need to do to exercise your self-discipline is to set yourself a timer for 25 to 30 minutes, but also make sure that your phone is off of your desk. So we recommend keeping it away charging, this way it is not likely to distract you.

Start Your Productive Session

It is also a really good idea to sit next to an open window to get some more fresh air as well, again this helps to give you some more oxygen and stay focused. So now it is your work time! Just see how much you can get done in the next thirty minutes without any distractions. Now when it comes time to take a study break after 25 to 30 minutes, there is a couple of things we can recommend you do. So make sure you use your study breaks as little energy boosters to actually get moving and get away from your desk. It is important to get the blood moving again and also give yourself a break from staring at your computer or text of as well.

Spend Your Breaks Effectively

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Typically, your study breaks should go for around 5 to 10 minutes at a time until you decide to actually stop studying for that session. So we recommend making a healthy study snack, maybe refilling your cup of tea, playing with a pet, anything that actually involves getting up and doing something, just so you are not going to feel sluggish after a little while.

Back to Studies

And back to working! Now whenever you finished completing a task, we definitely recommend that you cross it off once it is completed, and this will actually help to increase your motivation because you can track your progress and feel good about all that you completed in that time frame. The important thing to be mindful during your study sessions is to write down any questions that pop up as you go, and this way you can address them later on either by going back and looking over your notes or meeting with your teacher or tutor. It is also going to help you feel a lot less stressed whenever something comes up in your work that you do not understand because you know that it is going to be answered shortly.

Assess Your Results

Now if you are working with a time limit, then it is important to be mindful of the fact that it is not always easy to stop working so abruptly. So we recommend you use the last 5 or 10 minutes of your overall study session just to assess what you have done and making notes of anything you did not quite get around to finishing. Make sure that you can pick up where you left off next time you come back to your desk.

Weekly Summaries

Now if you do have the luxury of finishing your homework early, and you have been really productive and organized, it is a great idea to actually start on your weekly summaries. Writing weekly summaries is a great idea, especially because the majority of our forgetting occurs within the first 24 hours of learning new information. You should structure your weekly summaries to make them a lot easier so that all of the relevant information is going to stand out for you, and also make revising for exams so much simpler. You can spend around 10 to 20 minutes revising your notes or working on your summaries. But be mindful of your time and notice when it is about to go off – you finally completed all of your study for the night!

Relax After Hard Work

So it is time to pack everything up and then, of course, reward yourself. Make sure that you always do something nice for yourself after a busy study session, whether it is having a relaxing bath or watching your favorite TV show, anything that is going to help you unwind.

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